PT. Karsatama Perkasa as Electrical and Lighting Product solution which initially called PT. Karsasahabat Inkatama is in the forefront of the trade in this region. Since its inception in October 1989, the company has through the years, expanded and developed into an effective organization to serve fully a wider spectrum of customers in the building and construction, industry, power plant, marine, offshore and onshore oil and gas, and the petrochemical industries. We are an authorized distributor of High Quality Electrical and Lighting Product for Indonesia market since 1990.

With the strong and complete support of our reputable manufacture principals and our experienced staffs, we have reached a high level of strength to supply our customers a very extensive range of quality products to suit their various needs.

We also have “Solar System” product with LED lamps that efficient in application. The “Solar System” converts the sun’s energy into electricity and stores it to provide up to twelve hours of light. The average life time of the LED lamps can be high up to 50,000 hours; the light can be used for more than ten years. This “Solar System” meets IES minimum requirements for Roadway Lighting.

Our experienced staffs are committed to provide a prompt, efficient and reliable cost studies at all times.

The confidence our customers have given and has encouraged us to strive even harder and we have established a high standard of supply activity by further combining the capacity and capability of our principals and accredited sourcing associates throughout USA, Europe, Japan, and Singapore to offer a TOTAL SUPPLY PACKAGE CONCEPT, to assist them to ease their procurement workload and et the same time to enable them to enjoy competitive bulk product and freight saving benefits. Our staff can provide the price by F.O.B, C & F, C.I.F and delivery to site. It all depends on the requests. 

Whether you are an architect, consultant, specifies, contractor or related user we invite you to call upon us and we will be more than happy to discuss your design and our product proposal to meet your requirements and specifications.

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